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Five Real World Issues That Worry Young Kids

First and foremost, talk with your child and help them label their feelings. Ask them about their fears and encourage them to put their fears into words.  Listen attentively and empower them to figure out a way to make sense of their fears. I.   Bullying       Bullying starts at young age when kids are jockeying for social power  Your child may come home anxious, crying, throwing a tantrum, or sad and upset. First make sure your child is not being physically harmed, talk to the teacher, counselor, or principal and describe what the child has told you about the situation. Help your child formulate options to deal with the bullying – empowering the child to make the decision.  Don’t rescue them! Possible options: ignore the bully because the bully is looking for a response to their actions, help them come up with the right words to say to the bully like “You can’t do that to me.”  “Leave me alone.” And walk away Encourage friendships in other groups or ...
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